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Always at the top!

If you want to say anything about the way I play Madoka, if she's out of character or if you know a way I can play her better, please, please comment here. ^^

Anon commenting is on, IP logging is off. Many thanks!

[IC contact post!]

phone | voice mail | text | e-mail | camera

"Hello, you've reached Kaname Madoka! I can't reach my phone right now, so please leave a message!"



Same drill as always, guys - IC contact post for Madoka! Leave a message or make a phone call, just make sure you put whatever the medium is in the comment subject line!

[ ♐ OOC: CR meme redux!]

/stickies. UNDER CONSTRUCTION, just putting this here pre-emptively~

Best Friend.
Knows about her being a Puella Magi (in timelines 1-3.)
Romantic feelings for.
Curious about.
Wary about/doesn't trust.

There are a lot of things in this world that I want to protect.Collapse )
... Walpurgis Night is coming in a few days, and only me and Homura-chan will be around to face it. There's only one grief seed left. Homura-chan doesn't know I have it, because it's - it's Sayaka-chan's. I picked it up after the other night, but...

I'm not going to use it. I know that there's not much chance that Homura-chan and I will finish this fight without dying or turning into witches, but it's not hopeless. I... to tell you all the truth, I'm a bit useless, so I can't do much of anything, not really, but Homura-chan... she can turn back time and do it all again. So I'm going to give the grief seed to her, so she can cleanse her soul gem after the battle's over. It's too late for me to undo all my mistakes, but... I still want to protect everyone, and if Homura-chan can go back and change everything to make it better... I think it's worth a shot.

So don't worry about me, everyone. I guess that, well, it seems like the community is following whatever timeline Homura-chan is in, so... when Homura-chan goes back again, I won't remember anything that's happened in my world. But you'll see me again, and I'll see you too! So please don't worry, okay? And please don't tell Homura-chan about this, either. I don't want her to worry any more than she is.

[video] ♐ April 24th

[Madoka is sitting on her bed in her pyjamas. Her hair's loose, her knees are drawn up to her chest and her arms are wrapped around them. She doesn't look happy. Not at all. It's a little too dark to see her face properly, so you can't tell if she's been crying or not, but when she speaks, she sounds as if she might have just finished.]

... Hello there, everyone. Can I... um, is it okay if I ask everyone a favour? Could someone talk to me, please? I-I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight...