begin to hope and all the colours start to change

you might forget the world's so sad, and it's alright

鹿目 まどか ♐ kaname madoka
3 October
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madoka kaname.

what? female. 14. human. japanese. class nurse. puella magi - maybe.

who? kind. ditzy. ordinary as ordinary can be. hopeful. naive. understanding. stronger than she seems. braver than she believes. smarter than she thinks.

mun: fel. greenwich mean time. aim: hangswithtraps (rarely used). plurk: Tenfel. lj: raspberrybeanie. also played [at ddd]: the doctor [tenth] | pearl fey | lyle dylandy | roxas | castiel

disclaimer: madoka kaname belongs to the shaft anime puella magi madoka magica. i do not own her and this rp journal is not for profit - i'm just out to have fun. ♥

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